We've all been there! Next thing we know it's March, and we have already sabotaged our well-intended New Year's Resolution for the year. That's why some experts say that setting MORE goals can help you to achieve MORE success! 

Perhaps you have seen the trend of "20 Goals in 2020" on social media. Maybe it seemed far too lofty for someone who has repeatedly failed to accomplish even one "Resolution" per year. Research shows that people who ditch the New Year's Resolution for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals accomplish more significant success. We wanted to give that method a try!

Here are some ideas for 20 SMART Goals in 2020, and resources to show how Greater Des Moines can inspire you to live your best year yet! Get out your calendars and start making plans to #CATCHdsm in 2020!

1) Read more

Breeze through pages of adventures with the help of these book hubs:


2) Opt outside

Binge-watching TV is out, fresh air + exploring the great outdoors is in!


3) Try new foods

Expand your palette and find spicy, savory, and sweet culinary eats all around Greater Des Moines. 


4) Write more letters

A simple, handwritten note can go a long way. Check out these local stationery shops for a bit of inspiration!


5) Increase community involvement 

Take time to give back to the Greater Des Moines community by volunteering at one of these local businesses:


6) Stick to a budget

Enjoy these budget-friendly, free attractions around Greater Des Moines:


7) Immerse yourself in different cultures

Broaden your mind with new ways to view the world from world-renowned to local artists at these establishments: 


8) Drive less

Save money on gas and decrease your carbon footprint by swapping out your daily drive for other transportation options throughout Greater Des Moines!


9) Be more sustainable

Make more environmentally aware decisions by checking out these environmentally-conscious businesses:


10) Find time for date night

Get in touch with your romantic side with one of these date night ideas:

11) Make more time for family

Take your loved ones to spend a fun-filled day at one of these Greater Des Moines attractions:

12) Continuously be open to learning

Learning has no age; expand your mind at these Greater Des Moines establishments:

13) Drink less

These active places of play are great for staying social and they're fun whether you're enjoying a drink or not!

14) Eat Healthier

Substitute a few of your usual hearty meals with a healthier option from one of these local eateries: 

15) Acquire a green thumb

Bring a bit of greenery into your home from one of these local shops:

16) Practice mindfulness

Your body and mind deserve a break every once in a while, treat them to one of these activities:

17) Drink less caffeine 

Skip the coffee jitters for a more relaxing alternative! 

18) Be more active

Challenge your body to new activities! 

19) Discover new music

Tune in to a new genre by heading to one of these venues to catch some live music: 

20) Pick up a new hobby

There's no better time for you to start something you've always wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to it!