Donuts. Local beer. Sushi. These are just a few reasons visitors and locals are falling in love with the Hy-Vee on Fourth & Court in downtown Des Moines. Yes, the “grocerant” is a place to purchase the toothpaste you forgot, but once inside you will realize it’s so much more! Whether you are visiting Greater Des Moines for a meeting, convention, sporting event or just for fun, here are 7 photos showcasing why you should stop in and see what all of the buzz is about:

#1. Donuts that look as good as they taste!


she gone. the new downtown @fourthcourthv is unlike any other! 🍩 #fourthcourthv #fruitypebbles #donuts

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#2. Local craft beer – to enjoy there or to go.
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#3. A breakfast/brunch menu that fills your stomach without breaking the bank. 
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#4. Sushi & Saki

Sushi & sake kind of night 🍣

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#5. Endless desserts. You name it, it’s there.


As sweet as Fridays. #helloweekend #cupcakes #iowagirl #desmoines #downtown #desmoinesiowa #dsm

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#6. Create-Your-Own Charcuterie Board station.

Who knew meat and cheese could be so beautiful?! 😍 #fourthcourthv

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#7. And Wine. LOTS of wine.

#wine #display #dsm | this reminds me of the beauty and the beast library...the wine edition.

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Did we mention there’s also a smoothie/juice station, deli and hibachi? Options are endless whether you need something quick to go or want to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. Experience the Hy-Vee on Fourth & Court for yourself and share your photos with us using #catchdsm!