10 Mouthwatering Greater Des Moines Foodgram

In Greater Des Moines we take our food seriously. The metro features hundreds of locally-owned restaurants, several James Beard nominated chefs and, most importantly, DELICIOUS FOOD. Just a quick search through Instagram and you will find an endless supply of food photos. People often tag @catchdesmoines or use #catchdsm and #desmoineseats in their food posts, which means I get notified to take a look at the amazing meal they just ate. This month food photos seem to be packing an extra punch. I had to share some of my favorites! Here’s my top 10 Greater Des Moines #foodgrams for this month. Enjoy! WARNING: The next 10 photos will make you hungry…




A great little spot to eat on the outside of downtown. The old Jimmy's on 8th st. #desmoines #breakfast #gilroys

A photo posted by Earl Ramey (@earlramey) on


Cheating on Taco Loco #taco #tacopocalypse #kimche

A photo posted by Jeremy SEG (@segjeremy) on





Brunch with my favorite person 🍴🍸

A photo posted by Emily A. Gregor (@em_gregor) on




cavatelli all day 👅 @courtavebrew

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Keep the foodgrams coming! We love seeing what you are eating and where you are eating. Use #desmoineseats and #catchdsm. Both of these hashtags feed into our website catchdesmoines.com, allowing visitors and locals to see real, authentic food and drink photos from around Greater Des Moines. Now…who’s ready to go eat?

- AB