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Be healthy! Stay healthy on vacation and weekend getaways to Des Moines. Find health food stores and restaurants, like Hy-Vee and Hy-Vee Market Grille. Catch all-natural, organic and health food products to maintain your healthy lifestyle away from home. Pharmacists and dietitians awaiting consultation at various Greater Des Moines Hy-Vee locations. Plus healthy food festivals and events like the Des Moines Farmers' Market. Navigate walking and running routes throughout the Metro. Customize your exercise to venture by public artwork, historic downtown architecture, and other sights. Catch the care you need. Locate hospitals, clinics, and chiropractors for your every active need in an unfamiliar city. Plan your stay around active hotel offerings throughout the Metro. Make your hotel selection based on available active amenities-from onsite workout facilities, to spas and in-house masseuses to guests' to access to trails. Catch health and wellness ease. Catch Healthy Des Moines-Powered by Hy-Vee.

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Catch what you need to stay active while visiting Greater Des Moines. Maintain your fitness routine on-the-go with these Active Travel resources.

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Catch Hy-Vee grocery stores, HealthMarket and Market Grille locations throughout Greater Des Moines.

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Experience Greater Des Moines by bicycle or by foot. Catch a glimpse of downtown architecture. Shopping. Distilleries. Public gardens and art. Catch Des Moines on two wheels or two feet.

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Catch a city home to nine professional/amateur sports teams. A region with 550 miles of trail systems, with 1,200 miles of trails statewide. A hub for health and wellness. Catch Des Moines and get active!