Catch what you need to stay active while visiting Greater Des Moines. Maintain your fitness routine on-the-go with these Active Travel resources. Hotels with workout rooms, bike-friendly amenities and trails access so you can stay fit away from home. Drop-in fitness centers and classes. Restaurants and grocery stores with healthy eating options-like Hy-Vee and Hy-Vee Market Grille locations throughout Greater Des Moines. Plus hospitals, clinics and chiropractors for your every active need. Catch Des Moines for a healthy getaway!

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Catch gyms throughout Greater Des Moines. Or drop-in fitness centers to continue your workout. And keep healthy while on-the-go!


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Many Greater Des Moines hotels offer health and wellness amenities so visitors can stay active and on-track while here. 

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Catch healthy food options. Fuel up before a big race. Get the energy you need with the right foods. Plus, find stores throughout the Metro selling the vitamins, supplements and other products you love.


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Greater Des Moines' doctors, physicians, clinicians and chiropractors are here to help. Catch the care you need.