Experience Greater Des Moines by bicycle or by foot. Catch a glimpse of downtown architectureShopping. Distilleries. Public gardens and art. Catch Des Moines on two wheels or two feet.

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A Pint-Size Tour (PDF)
Mileage 6.2 miles
Route Scout: Scott Dennis, national certified beer judge

Des Moines Behind Handlebars (PDF)
Mileage 9.0 miles
Route Scout: Deb Amenson, Wild Women Bike Club

Historical & Hilly Neighborhoods (PDF)
Mileage 9.89 miles
Route Scout: John Zeller, local historian

Chuck's Urban 18-Miler (PDF)
Mileage 18 miles
Route Scout: Chuck Corwin, Team Wingtip



Along The Principal Riverwalk (PDF)
Mileage 1.63 miles
Route Scout: Isobel Osius, Downtown Neighborhood Association

Public Art in the City (PDF)
Mileage 1.4 miles
Route Scout: M. Jessica Rowe, Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation

Downtown Architecture (PDF)
Mileage 2.0 miles
Route Scout: Tim Bungert, Iowa Architectural Foundation

To Shop, Go East (PDF)
Mileage 1.2 miles
Route Scout: Susan & Carl Voss, Historic East Village

Deb's Garden Gait (PDF)
Mileage 3.1 miles
Route Scout: Deb Wiley, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

Mother Iowa & the Capitol (PDF)
Mileage 1.6 miles
Route Scout: Joan Arnett, Iowa State Capitol



Catch a Run in the City - Route 1 (PDF)FF Running-Route 2-miles
Mileage 2 miles

Catch a Run in the City - Route 2 (PDF)
Mileage 3 miles

Catch a Dash Around Drake - Route 1 (PDF)
Mileage 3 miles 

Catch a Dash Around Drake - Route 2 (PDF)
Mileage 6 miles