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Tourism Matters in Greater Des Moines



One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller, author

Every traveler has a story.

They leave a unique footprint everywhere they go. Collectively, their story becomes a part of our story. At Catch Des Moines (Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Des Moines Area Sports Commission), our job is to help craft that narrative the drives visitors to Greater Des Moines. And we’re writing a new chapter every day. 

Our setting speaks for itself (although it’s our job to shout about it). Our themes are those of economic impact, civic pride, city prestige, quality of life and jobs. Our adversary is outdated perceptions. The way we deal with that challenge is through creativity and authenticity. The moral of the story? Tourism matters, no matter what role you play.


We are the storytellers for the communities we serve, turning those stories into tangible actions that bring visitors and events to Greater Des Moines. Our mission not only benefits the local hospitality industry, but everyone from the rural farmer who sells to local restaurants to the local corporations whose employees benefit from the quality of life that tourism dollars help afford. Here are some of the ways that our work is put into action: 

  • Leisure traveler marketing – Employing a strategic and targeted marketing plan, we aim to challenge perceptions and inspire travel using unique creative that elevate our communities and highlights authentic experiences.  
  • Conventions, sports and services – From global and national events like the Solheim Cup and NCAA Tournament to regional and statewide conventions and conferences, we tell our story around the country in order to book the events, big or small, that put Greater Des Moines on the map and drive economic impact. 
  • Partner opportunities – We provide our over 900 partners with economical advertising and promotional opportunities across a variety of mediums and geographies that help elevate both their business and our region.

Every story needs a hero to help bring about change. There are many ways that you can contribute and help elevate the community that you love.

Help us shine a spotlight on Greater Des Moines by investing in the events that generate not only revenue for the local economy, but civic pride and city prestige. LEARN MORE >

Whether it’s as a marketing partner, a corporate partner or as a part of our co-op advertising campaign, the opportunities to elevate your business and be a part of the collective success of Greater Des Moines are endless. LEARN MORE >

You can be the champion of the story by leveraging your connections with regional or national associations, organizations and boards to bring their events to Greater Des Moines. LEARN MORE >

From simply using #CATCHdsm on social media when you’re out enjoying the area’s attractions and events, to volunteering at some of those same incredible events, it’s easy to help build the buzz and lend a helping hand. LEARN MORE >

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