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High Soccer Video is a company dedicated to filming soccer games in different parts of the country.
We use HD cameras mounted on 30-foot tall tripods to film the games from the best angle and view of the field.  Our commitment to high quality, reliability and excellence in customer service has been the basis of our success.

The team package costs $175 and includes the filming service of the entire game plus 20 DVD copies twenty minutes after the game or a High Definition file transfer the week after the tournament.

EARLY BIRDS PROMOTION!!! Schedule your game before the tournament and the team package will cost $150 for one game, $285 for two games and $405 for three games.

Additional to that, you will receive a “Oh My Goal!!!” clip, a private link with your team's goals directly uploaded in YouTube!!! (Delivered via email). This clip can be forwarded to all the players, parents, friends and colleges coaches.  The link below is an example of the “Oh My Goal!!!” clip.
You can add to your package a High Definition file (HD .MP4) of the entire game for $35 more, we will send you a link to download the game via email.

We also do highlight videos to present to college coaches:
The highlight edition cost $300 and we need at least three games to have material to work with.
We'll need photos and a player profile resume and the final clip will be uploaded to YouTube.

To schedule a game, all you have to do is email the following information:
Park Name:Team Name:
Boys or Girls team age:
Date and Time of game(s):
Field Number:

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You can watch the service that we offer to tournaments and teams using the following link:

Contact:Julian Lipovestky
Sales Manager

High Soccer Video
(909) 638-7142

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